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How to get hired



Young Adults can work with Portland Station Career Coach Josh Young from anywhere in the country over Skype, Facetime or in person on a 5 step program to find and get the work experience you need. Weekly Onsite/Skype/Facetime sessions and homework assignments help create and maintain momentum through your search.

Step 1: Interview and Assessment – Create a portrait of your experience and skills on which to build your job search.

Step 2: Professional Presentation Skills – Develop your resume, cover letter and interview skills to fit your goal.

Step 3: Network and Search – Use existing networks, create new ones and make the internet work for you.

Step 4: How to Get Hired– Learn how to make yourself stand out in personal interactions through filming yourself and receiving feedback.

Step 5: Follow Through – Practice persistence – the skill employers consistently cite as a key attributes of prospective hires. Below is a visual that survey monkey compiled in 2014 about how difficult it is for millennials to find jobs. This service is highly helpful due to the insane job market.