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I am realistic, I expect miracles in my life!



While Lara and I were spending a few days on the island of Maui, Hawaii with the late Wayne Dyer and Ram Dass listening to them tell personal stories of healing, manifestations, trials and triumphs, I heard Wayne jokingly restate, “I am realistic, I expect miracles in my life.” There was something about the energy and mannerisms behind the words that was powerful. Wow, I thought. If we could only help our students not only go from a state of feeling like a victim in their lives to being a survivor but take them to the next level of actually thriving. To a state of quiet confidence of knowing they can take any challenge in life and turn it into a personal miracle.

“I am realistic, I expect miracles in my life.”

In our Western culture, we place the primary focus on our college degrees, action plans, skills sets and give very little attention to a person’s way of being. We focus on how to do things, plans, personal accomplishments and who we know. In other cultures, such as Napalies Buddist cultures, they focus solely on a way of being within the mind, body and spirit. Somewhere there is much to learn from both worlds.

Perhaps we would be better served by asking the question of how should I be in order to accomplish my dreams? And who do I need to be in order t see my dreams through to completion? While listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer speak in Denver Colorado just before his passing, Dr. Dore Frances shared, “Painful experiences do not have to define you. In fact, these experiences can actually be the stepping stones to miracles in our lives.”

Even more important than your actions are your thoughts. It is critical that you recognize the thought patterns that lead you to success and then make these thought patterns your habits. This takes discipline. Discipline in thought. Discipline in actions. The Tatori method includes an individualized map that leads one through these two worlds. It leads us to a life where we simply expect miracles.

-Randy Oakley