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No art experience required, just you, showing up…

From Pacia Life at Portland Station, Summer collegiate prep experiences.

Supposing you can hold a pen…the road ahead is littered with paper, paint, Sharpies, glue, wood, scissors, and a host of other visual ammunition to bring out the Journal Junkie occupying a space in each of us.

No art experience required, just you, showing up. Art Journaling is the tactical secret of self-expression, an opportunity to grab anything within reach to make the blank page come alive using collage, photo transfers, woodcut, printmaking, doodling, maps, ticket stubs, notes, stickers, graffiti, watercolor, and even toothpicks, Q-Tips and toothbrushes.


This is, after all, basic training, but make no mistake, Art Journals are everything books. And what you’ll quickly find is that this visual party is an individual experience that evolves over time, a place to gain savvy insight of the real you, your truth, and your connection to personal expression. But be careful, you might just find yourself an ART ADDICT.


In Portland, writing and reading are well-known forms of self-expression. In fact the landmark of the city that locals and travelers alive ADORE is Powell’s Books. Powell’s hosts writer’s groups. Writing has become an outlet for every generation. Another popular example of art journals breaking into mainstream culture is “Wreck This Journal”. This popular series is sold at Urban Outfitters and other stores.