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Pacia Life Hiring in 4 locations


Pacia Life is expanding and hiring in the following locations:

  • Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Heber/Park City, Utah

  • Portland, Oregan

  • Rincon, Puerto Rico

  • (We anticipate additional hiring needs later this year in San Diego and in the North East as well)


Job Description:

Pacia Life is seeking talented, well-rounded professionals to work as Mentors, Life Coaches, and Clinical Life Coaches with our growing student base of young adults who are seeking Life Coaching support in one or more of the following 5 tracks:

Traditional College Learning and Life Skills Support: teaching sustainable self-reliance in college (executive functioning skills, study habits, managing social life, tutoring as needed and all competing collegiate commitments) with the intention of graduation with a degree.

Non-traditional Collegiate Learning: a tailored combination of experiential learning, internship, certification, online or in-person complimentary academic coursework with the intention of career development.

Entrepreneurial Track: similar to #2 with the addition of business coaching, understanding the DNA of an entrepreneur, increasing one’s innovative capacity, catalytic questioning, crowd funding, working with investors, building pro forma, marketing, accounting, state laws, taxes, etc. with the intention of starting a business. Turning an idea, hobby or passion into a career.

Financial Self-Reliance Track: broad life skills, putting all of the basics together to live without parental fiscal support with the intention of sustainable self-reliance.

Emotional/Social Growth Track: custom multi-modal blend that may include therapy, mindfulness, wellness practices, relationship coaching, re-establishment of healthy social systems, life coaching, community service, GAP experiences (international and domestic), curriculum in the arts and crafts and trades. This is ideal for young adults who need time to mature, heal, explore, develop grit, grow resiliency, build self-efficacy, finding their intrinsic motivators and balance within their life pursuits.


Our Mentors, Life Coaches, and Clinical Life Coaches have one or more expertise or qualifications to guide students through a process of discovery, awareness, and self-acceptance in order to facilitate authentic and lasting growth. By helping students set realistic goals based on their unique, personal interests, Coaches activate a desire for change and betterment.

As a Life Coach at Pacia, you can expect a diverse, engaging, and autonomous work environment. Because our Coaches are largely expected to lead by example, we provide a culture in which our employees are actively involved in their own process of self-discovery and improvement. We are looking for individuals who possess a dynamic skill set—adaptable, innovative, patient, motivated, and solution-oriented, as we encourage our students to prioritize full-body wellness, education, financial independence, a passion for fitness, nutrition, the outdoors, meditation, yoga, and similar activities is ideal.

Compensation and Benefits:

$10-$35/hour with the potential to move to a salaried position based on experience, degrees, and certifications. Sometimes, housing is also factored into the overall compensation package.Pacia Wooden Boat Program

Interested parties should read the entire website and then send a resume to