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SALT LAKE CITY, UT- Pacia Life, the newest leading young adult transitional living experience, and Surf House Puerto Rico, are proud to announce that Surf House has joined the Pacia Life Group. Surf House Puerto Rico will officially be renamed Pacia Life Puerto Rico.


Sarah Persha, Executive Director of Pacia Life Portland Station, who began to work with Randy Oakley and the Pacia Life team over a year ago, says, “I am excited that Pacia Life will be working with Craig and his team in Puerto Rico.” Persha adds, “Using the Tatori method and technology, we are able to collaboratively work with emerging young adults while spanning oceans and cultures.”

Randy Oakley, CEO of Pacia Life states, “I am very impressed with the boots on the ground attitude and performance of the staff at Surf House. I am thrilled that the new Pacia Life Puerto Rico will fill a major need in the grand vision of Pacia Life and in our industry for sustainable self-reliance, cultural immersion, experiential and traditional education and international gap year preparations.”

Craig Pearson, Executive Director of Pacia Life Puerto Rico states, “I am thrilled to have this truly amazing opportunity to join the Pacia Life team and be a part of an organization that so closely aligns with my core beliefs and values. The expertise and resources that Randy and the whole team brings to the table gives me a tremendous sense of confidence in our ability to now grow Surf House into the exceptional program here in Puerto Rico it has always been destined to become.”

Pearson adds, “I am blessed beyond measure to have shared my journey in co-founding Surf House with many talented, caring and dedicated individuals who all contributed to our ability to grow from the trials and tribulations typical with any start up, especially outside the United States.”

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