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Work Hard. Play Hard. Produce Results. Pacia Life SLC has unique company culture…


Pacia Life in Salt Lake City is famous for its unique company culture.

Work hard. Play hard. Produce results.

No one has a set schedule, and yet nothing is ever left undone. There is no such thing as a work “shift.” There’s no real policy on vacations—it’s a question of producing real results and taking the time you need.

Managers are encouraged to let team members go if they’re not doing their job, and to value results and passion over the number of hours worked. We work hard, play hard and we produce results.


What to expect in the interview:

Culture fit is a big part of the hiring/contracting process at Pacia Life. Half of the interview is about making sure your personality is compatible with our company culture. The rest is making sure the potential team member is a master teacher, understands people, their motivations, and has the quality experience needed, etc. Expect to go through a pre-screening process and then to interview with multiple people from the team. If hired, expect the next 90 days to be full of experiences that will prepare you for what is to come.

Typically if even a single person on the executive team doesn’t feel you are a good fit, it’s unlikely you’ll be hired. It is very rare for them to overrule a single ‘no.’

Pacia culture requires Independence with Responsibility:

At other places of employment, there is typically a very strict hierarchy and everyone is working on strict orders from high up. In a sense, that’s also true at Pacia. However, the orders are less orders and more about intention, vision, getting results and the big picture. Team members are expected to collaborate, solve problems, ask good questions that lead to the right answers. Team members are encouraged to say what they think, even if it’s controversial. The executives will listen to team members, and their opinions during a debate are also part of the results orientated culture.

Pacia Salt Lake City culture is designed with intention. It demands that it’s team members continue to grow personally and professionally. As innovators, we “network” in the community to help our Life Coaching Clients achieve nearly any goal they wish to achieve. If we don’t know the answers, we find them. The Pacia Salt Lake culture requires self-motivators, people with experience, entrepreneurial and innovative thought patterns. It requires love and passion.