Casie Edgington

Personal Trainer, Nutrition, and Sports Coach

Casie Edgington is an enthusiast of life. Casie has had many years of experience working on many different teams throughout her competitive high school and college career as a basketball athlete. She appreciates the values of hard work, accountability, passion, commitment, and leadership that basketball taught her; and how those values have and still do affect her present life.

Casie is a huge advocate for living a healthy and active lifestyle. She is a self-proclaimed “gym junkie,” and is dedicated to going to the gym and being as active as possible every day. Casie is passionate about sharing how an active lifestyle is beneficial to others. She has studied the science behind exercise and nutrition and believes that abundant research has shown that there is a close connection of the mind and body. Positive lifestyle factors such as nutrition, exercise, sunlight, and sleep are associated with improved mental well-being and lower incidence of depression and anxiety. She truly believes that, “Exercise is the best medicine.”

Casie is a caring individual who loves to help others recognize their passions and self-worth. She has had many years of experience of mentoring others to better help them identify their potential for success. Casie is dedicated to helping others do whatever it takes to help them become their best self. She brings her infectious smile and positive outlook on life everywhere she goes in an attempt to better influence others peoples’ lives.