Justin Robinson

LCSW Life Coach

Justin and his wife Janet are the parents of four children and have had 15 foster children. Justin has worked professionally with adolescents and young adults since 1995 giving him twenty years of experience. Justin is a huge proponent of experiential education, project based learning and leading his students through a strength based self-discovery process.

Justin is an LCSW who has specialties in drugs, alcohol, addictions of all types, learning disorders and Autism. Currently in the final stages of earning his PhD, Justin received his Bachelors in Therapeutic Recreation and his Masters of Social Work from the University of Utah.

Throughout Justin’s career, he has served in many leadership and therapeutic roles. He is a business owner, entrepreneur and innovator. He has been the executive director of a therapeutic boarding school that specialized in working with high functioning Autistic Disorders (ASD). Justin formerly was the clinical director of one of the premier wilderness adventure therapy programs in the country, in which he was instrumental in expanding its services to work with young adults. Earlier in his professional career, he was the program director at a large residential boarding school.

Through his innovative and strength based approach to working with adoloescents and young adults with autism spectrum disorders and similar presentations, Justin and his wife Janet have lead multiple service based trips to Peru, Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico. Throughout the years of taking clients on these trips, Justin has gained a passion and a strong belief that these young adults have many gifts to give to our world and can accomplish things that others didn’t believe they could.