New Perspectives

Janet Robinson
CSW, Executive Life Coach

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Justin Robinson
LCSW Life Coach

Justin and his wife Janet are the parents of four children and have had 15 foster children. Justin has worked professionally with adolescents and young adults since 1995 giving him twenty years of experience. Justin is a huge proponent of experiential education, project based learning and leading his students through a strength based self-discovery process.

Justin is an LCSW who has specialties in drugs, alcohol, addictions of all types, learning disorders and Autism. Currently in the final stages of earning his PhD, Justin received his Bachelors in Therapeutic Recreation and his Masters of Social Work from the University of Utah.

Throughout Justin’s career, he has served in many leadership and therapeutic roles. He is a business owner, entrepreneur and innovator. He has been the executive director of a therapeutic boarding school that specialized in working with high functioning Autistic Disorders (ASD). Justin formerly was the clinical director of one of the premier wilderness adventure therapy programs in the country, in which he was instrumental in expanding its services to work with young adults. Earlier in his professional career, he was the program director at a large residential boarding school.

Through his innovative and strength based approach to working with adoloescents and young adults with autism spectrum disorders and similar presentations, Justin and his wife Janet have lead multiple service based trips to Peru, Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico. Throughout the years of taking clients on these trips, Justin has gained a passion and a strong belief that these young adults have many gifts to give to our world and can accomplish things that others didn’t believe they could.

Kari Bushman
PARC Academic Tutor, Job Coach
Jason Webb
Academic and Job Coach

As a Utah native, Jason grew up with a passion of the great outdoors. Through his adventures of paddling, climbing, skiing/snowboarding, and many other sports he has come to look forward to the intrinsic values of the outdoors. To find the serenity in challenges, adrenaline, and fear is monumental. Through Challenge Courses and outdoor programs, I have worked with big diverse groups; corporate, therapy, sports teams, school groups, etc to better the progression and relationship of teams. When some body asks what has been my favorite adventure or experience; in the back of my mind, I am thinking, the next one!

Eric Rydzewski
PARC Specialist, Job and Social Life Coach

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Rachel Folkman
LCSW Therapist

Outdoor enthusiast, college professor and life skills mentor, Rachel brings her passion and contagious smile with her everywhere she goes.

Rachel graduated with a Master of Social Work from the University of Utah and finds fulfillment in life through connection with others.

After spending the past seven years of her life working in the Mental Health Field, Rachel continues to wake each day with a newfound enthusiasm for life, culture, and people. Rachel believes each of us have a moral compass within, and with the right mentorship, can discover how to listen to our compass – manifesting dreams as realities.

Branching out into many areas of the Social Work Field, Rachel has experience ranging from clients on the Autism Spectrum to Refugee and Immigrant resettlement to severe substance use and other addictions. Most of her time has been spent with teenagers and young adults in Wilderness Therapy, Residential Treatment, Foster Care and Outpatient settings, as well as play therapy with young children.

Rachel believes in the resiliency of the human Spirit and our individual and collective ability to accomplish dreams and goals.

Zack Pearson
Life Coach, PARC Specialist

Zack Pearson – Life Coach, PARC Specialist, GASPY (GAP Coach)

After graduating from Keene State College with a B.A. in Psychology, Zach spent a year working as a paraprofessional in a Middle School and as a direct support professional for Monadnock Developmental Services. Zach is currently working on a post bachelor’s program in Special Education through Granite State. Zach is a lifelong learner who is always looking for new ways to challenge himself.

Zach is an avid hiker, writer, and athlete. He grew up hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Throughout his life, he has always loved to share his passions and help other people find their own. With a focus on academic achievement, Zach works with our students to create sustainable resiliency and healthy habits.

Dawn Bauer
Admissions Director, Family Mentor

Dawn Bauer, founder of The Family Hope Line, is a certified Parent Coach and DISC Certified Behavior Analyst.

She personally serves as a family advocate and coach providing support and assistance to parents seeking therapeutic solutions for their struggling teen. She has personally experienced the difficult choice of placing her youngest of three sons in a therapeutic boarding school in 2007.

She has benefited from parent coaching as well. Through this experience she realized her need for personal work as a parent which was instrumental in the restoration process for her son and her family. Against the backdrop of having served as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for over 12 years, she combined her passion for advocacy with her career goals.

As a Parent Coach Dawn delivers professional and heartfelt guidance to families as they sort through the options available to address the challenges that often arise in teens as they develop emotionally and physically.

With combined studies in communication at Valdosta State University and Applied Behavioral Science at Ashford University, in addition to coaching certification through Next Steps for Success, Dawn strives to utilize her personal experience and her knowledge to offer insight, empathy and solutions for each family served. She is passionate about helping parents better understand and communicate with their child as they discover the root of their emotional pain and recognize the patterns in their destructive behavior. Through her coaching sessions she offers empowerment and motivation. She does this via a skills-based approach to better equip parents with the tools necessary to assist with their teens struggles while also working to restore the family unit with trust, respect and communication.

Dawn is a native of Georgia. Her greatest accomplishment is that of mom to her three adult sons. In addition to the aforementioned 12 years of CASA work she served as a member of Women of L.E.A.D.E.R.S.H.I.P 1st, and is Founding Board Member and camp Co-Director of SeaSide Summer Enrichment Camp which serves at-risk adolescents.