Domestic and international GAP Experiences

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Pacia Life

Together we represent a network of visionaries, educators, Olympic athletes, innovators, humanitarians, authors, whimsical artists, Clinically Informed Life Coaches sm, mindful rebels and grassroots entrepreneurs who are dedicated to culture shifting and entrepreneurial self-reliance of today’s young adults.

Pacia Admissions

The first step to admissions starts with a phone call to determine that Pacia Life Coaching Model
is a good fit for the current dreams, educational pursuits, desires and needs of the potential client. 


Pacia Academic Resource Continuum  (PARC) is a highly customized college coaching model that helps students navigate efficiency.

Nutrition – First Level Of Discipline

Nutrition is the first step in reaching high levels of personal discipline and success in other areas of your life.

GAP Prep

We partner with you to custom design personalized GAP experiences. These plans are formulated to fit targeted personal outcomes.


This 4-6 month experiential course is designed to create fluid mastery experiences through four different domains.

Financial Foundations

As one of the backbones of success, the Pacia Life Financial Literacy real life curriculum is broken up into 3 key segments.

Consciousness Engineering

Tatori – A change theory model based on a framework called Consciousness Engineering. Once you understand how to execute this model,