Deborah Ellermeier

Life Coach, Social Life Guru, Yogi, RN

As a nurse, certified teacher, and yoga/meditation instructor Deborah has a passion for helping others find their health and authentic happiness. Her love for life and making the most out of it is her biggest passion in life. In her spare time, she is often found in the outdoors, skiing, hiking, biking, running and swimming. As part of her bucket list of goals, Deborah is training for her first marathon.

Due to a personal experience that impacted her family, Deborah has a strong passion for helping people work through their drug and alcohol addictions.

“I am very passionate about Yoga, Meditation, and using essential oils. I was certified at YogaFit and I have a couple of years experience in teaching Yoga and Pilates classes. I have taught in treatment centers, private classes and schools. I love teaching because it is a mind, body, and spirit connection to help make a person more whole.” — Deboroah