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Pacia Life at Portland Station began in Bend, Oregon, in 2005 (was originally called Davenport House Homestay). In October of 2014, Executive Director, Sarah Persha, moved her operation to Portland, Oregon.

In June of 2015, Pacia Life at Portland Station expanded and has both nurturing home environment options and next-step independent apartment options. Today, Pacia Life at Portland Station is a fully operational Clinical Life Coaching model with full resources that include educators, academic tutors, career coaches, therapists, life coaches, residential mentors, medical consultants, as well as a growing network of professionals within the community willing to work one on one with young adults seeking to pursue exploring their insightful dreams and live up to their potential.

Pacia Life at Portland Station’s Wooden Boat Program is a voluntary vocational training experience with a wonderful story that began in New England and today continues at the confluence of the mighty Columbia and Willamette Rivers—Portland’s identity in the heart of the Pacific Northwest

PARC: Pacia Academic Resource Center. Pacia Life’s flagship PARC is located in Portland, where Master’s level and above tutorial and executive functioning support staff create individualized academic success plans for Pacia’s college students. Whether the transfer process in continuation of their Bachelor’s or academic and vocational exploration of 2 and 3-year degrees, Pacia Life at Portland Station has a committed team providing educational expertise and support for each student.

About Portland, Oregon.

Oregon is without doubt one of the most beautiful states in the United States—a Northwest jewel. From rivers to ocean, mountains and forest, you don’t have to venture far from town to find yourself paddling on a secluded bay, hiking a forested trail, trekking up a volcano (Mt. St. Helens and all the nearby Cascades), rock climbing at the world-famous Smith Rock, or observing native wildlife. Rain or shine, Portland gets outdoors!

As the largest city in Oregon, Portland is a community that not only attracts artists and foodies, but also welcomes innovative industry leaders with open arms, like Airbnb, Nike, Nordstrom, Google and Yahoo! Portland gained jobs more rapidly than Seattle, San Francisco and most other major U.S. metro areas in the past few years, and is known as a “take a chance/reinvent yourself” city.

Advanced educational opportunities in Oregon include the nationally rated state system and community college system (Portland State, nearby OSU, Portland Community Colleges); and, several notable liberal arts colleges such as Reed, University of Portland, and Lewis & Clark call Portland home. Gaining notability are Oregon College of Arts and Crafts, Concordia University, and a host of specialty campuses, including Chiropractic, Circus Performing—and Portland claims itself the headquarters of American Gap Association and other non-profits that create connection and sponsorship for young adults.

Portland is a large metropolitan area full of opportunities and the ability to access some of the most amazing river/beach/mountain gateways. Pacia Life at Portland Station is filled with opportunity!

Educational opportunities in Oregon are also abundant. Portland is home to many of the top colleges in Oregon, including Portland State University and several notable liberal arts colleges such as Reed and Lewis & Clark. About seven four-year public institutions are located throughout Oregon, including in the cities of Eugene (University of Oregon), Ashland (Southern Oregon University), Corvallis (Oregon State University) and Monmouth (Western Oregon University). Oregon also hosts 17 community colleges.

Portland is a large metropolitan area full of opportunities and the ability to access some of the most amazing outdoor areas in the country, Pacia Life at Portland Station is filled with opportunity!

Our Portland, Oregon Team

Welcome to Pacia Life at Portland Station! Together we represent a network of therapists, clinicians, educators, innovators, international GAP year specialists, humanitarians, whimsical artists, life coaches, mindful rebels and grassroots entrepreneurs who are dedicated to culture shifting and sustainable self-reliance. We have, and continue to compel a group of highly successful, caring and inspiring people from various industries, arenas, and careers.

At PACIA LIFE, we are always looking for amazing people.

When you are interested in being a part of the Pacia Life team, please contact us at or 385-200-0799.

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